week 6 of 8 week health & fitness Plan

Am I getting the results?

As this is the sixth week of the 8 plan, you may be thinking, am I getting the results that I wanted, are you fitting into the clothes any better, have you got more energy?

Is it getting a little harder now that you are one month in to the challenge to stay motivated?Are you pushing yourself to workout harder and more often than you usually do?  Does it feel amazing when you do?

The weekly trackers will show if you have been sticking to the plan.  Be honest!  If you have, you will have seen some results.  However, if you haven’t, then it’s time to take a reality check and make the changes required.  You know what changes need to be implemented.

Hold yourself accountable.  Take some time to sit down and get prepared. Jumping into things without a ‘why’ usually leaves you making excuses for why you don’t want to. Without a clear vision of ‘why’ you want to do something will allow other distractions get in your way.

If you truly hope to make changes that will last beyond that, make sure the changes are reasonable and sustainable. This might mean taking a day off from exercise to rest. It could mean allowing yourself your favorite food from time to time. If you don’t enjoy the things you’ve been trying to incorporate, you will  eventually give up. Find exercises and healthy recipes you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

The change in my ‘why’ was extremely powerful for me.  I think I’ll go back and try the other fitness programs again in the future because I can easily apply this mindset to those workouts.

Everyone’s fitness journey is different and what this challenge did for my body will be completely different than what it does for yours. However having before and after pictures, is very important to track your success, be sure to send yours in after the eighth week and encourage other people to participate in the challenge.

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