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Halal & Vegan Supplements, made in the UK!

What makes our Supplements Halal?

When we talk about halal we think about animals being slaughtered in accordance with Islamic principles.  Halal is a lot more than just about the slaughtering the animals.

“Halal” is the Arabic for permissible.  The Arabic for food which is not permissible is “Haram”.  Food which is non meat based and is halal means that the food does not contain forbidden components for example alcohol.  Alcohol is a forbidden component in the Muslim world; so vegetarian food with alcohol is not Halal.  Various foods are halal but are not labelled as such for example fruit and vegetables.

However the principle of halal is more than just slaughtering and forbidding certain components in food.  We believe Halal incorporates, ‘ethics’.  The food should be ethically sourced.  The production and manufacturing processes must ensure that there is no risk of contamination from any prohibited ingredients.

mySisterhood ensure that its meal replacement shakes are halal in its complete form.  Whilst these protein shakes are vegan and have no traces of any animal components it satisfies the necessary requirements for being Halal.


What’s the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

 Vegetarians abstain from consuming animal products and may include by-products of the same. There are variations of the diet which may or may not include eggs and dairy products. A vegan diet excludes ALL animal products. This includes eggs, dairy products and honey. Again there are variations. Some vegans also avoid animal products such as leather and silk.

Our weight loss shakes are made from vegan protein namely pea protein and brown rice protein.  Our shakes contain no dairy and the protein does not contain whey.  We believe our alternative is healthier protein.

Proud to be British

We at mySisterhood are proud that our supplements are manufactured in the UK.  This allows our product to be manufactured to high quality and ensuring there is no compromise with standards.   The reputation of being manufactured in the UK is safeguarded by standards and procedures set out and governed by legislation in the UK.

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