Learning to count calories


Now here’s the whopper!! Count your calories! OK I know you’ve heard this before but there is something NEW I want to tell you about which will make it a doddle! To help you along the way mySisterhood has produced meal replacement shakes containing glucomannan; After taking two glasses of water will fill your stomach up and make you feel FULL!!


These meal replacement shakes are 100 calories when mixed with water! Yes that’s right, less than 100 calories!! And there’s more. This is the best bit which I am really excited to share with you; these meal replacement shakes contain only natural ingredients!!



Why meal replacement shakes I hear you ask me?

Here’s why: Eating quality food is the name of the game.  When it comes to weight loss, it is not only the amount you eat but what you eat. If you eat from fast food restaurants that are high in calories, you will gain weight. Ok everyone knows that but sometimes practicing it is harder! It is the same case with processed and packaged foods; most of them are calorie-rich. Some processed foods are being marketed as low-fat and low-calorie products. Shocking isn’t it! Just read the labels of these foods and you will be surprised! So now we have dealt with where the really high calories could be coming from. Eradicate these from your diet and you have already taken steps to a slimmer you. What about the calorie content of ordinary foods such as vegetables and fruits.  You can get the calorie content of each type of food from the internet, as this information is mostly available online for free. Arming yourself with this information will help you along the way to your own weight loss programme just based on the calories you take in each day. The NHS recommended calorie intake of a balanced diet for men is around 2500Kcal a day and for a woman it is 2000Kcal a day. Many of us are eating too much and not able to maintain a healthy weight. Our lives are busy and we may not exercise as we once used to. Should more calories be consumed than the recommended daily intake of calories than our bodies store those extra calories as body fat. In the UK being overweight and obesity are becoming a problem. To lose weight the NHS recommend eating and drinking about 500-600Kcal lower a day than what you need. Sometimes counting calories of everything you eat can become a little tedious. The meal replacement shake’s by mySisterhood has made this really easy because as a meal replacement the shake is only 100Kcal when mixed with water and is made from natural ingredients with vitamins as part of a healthy diet.  Always check with your GP before embarking on any weight loss regime.

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