week 2 of 8 week heath & fitness plan

Now that you have started, how do I keep “momentum”?

The second week can often be the hardest, as all the temptations seem to come quick and fast, but by remaining strong you can shift your life from “building new habits” to “this is my normal”.

Nutrition is paramount, to create a sustainable lifestyle change.  Preparation is the key for an effective nutrition strategy, plan ahead if you want to succeed.

Your family, friends and colleagues are perhaps seeing a different side to you, now that you are saying NO to foods you would have snapped up.  Drink enough water!  Water benefits you in many ways.  It helps you feel full throughout the day; it fuels your metabolism (when you are dehydrated, you don’t burn calories as effectively). Water helps cushion your joints and transports vital nutrients and oxygen throughout your body.

You want to create a culture of, I want “my normal” to be fun.  Your buddy partner will be on hand to keep you motivated and #lbsToPounds should remain as an additional incentive to keep each other competing against one another.

Having completed the first week, you will have had a feel for what you have let yourself in for, support one another and build the spring board for a number of sustainable weeks together.

Use the weekly download guides, it is important to keep updating them to record the progress, as you go through  the programme, they will be very important to be used as motivation tools.

My biggest triumph, in the second week  was that training wasn’t quite as hard as the previous week. Awesome!  That’s a very encouraging feeling, when a new type of exercise gets a little easier, or the weight you’ve been lifting feels a little bit lighter.  That’s you, getting stronger!

Remember skipping meals is not the right way to get healthy and ensuring that your body does not go into starvation mode, remember supplements are designed to supplement your diet

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