week 4 if 8 week health & fitness plan

You are half way through to reaching your goal!

Maybe you’re feeling a little discouraged, the scales may be showing that you have not lost any weight. But I am sure you have aching muscles from the increased intensity and diversity of my workouts these 4 weeks.  It will have had SOME positive effect on your body.

How are you doing?

By now you should be in pretty good eating habits.   All your alarms are set to ensure you are eating at all the right times.

Small changes can add up to big weight loss.  The way we distribute our calories throughout the day, and the quality of foods we choose to eat, make a difference in how far our calories go.

The more natural, less processed foods we eat, the better our bodies are able to utilise them, as they should.

Cooking your own meals is the best way to control this, but when that’s not possible read the ingredient labels. You should avoid certain ingredients, such as  high fructose, corn syrup, hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated fats (aka: trans fats), and artificial sweeteners. Strive for eating a VARIETY of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and healthy snacks.

I remember when I first started and I hosted a kid’s party. Everyone had fun, but my mom’s triple chocolate cupcakes derailed me from my no-sweets diet, for a day!  It was just a bump in the road.  I was prepared as I  had anticipated such scenarios, it’s good to be realistic in your eating goals so that it’s something you can maintain on a long term basis.

The focus should be towards making the work out a priority.

In an ideal world, you would be visiting the gym on a regular basis.   I remember when I first started, not getting to the gym used to make me feel as though I could not train.

We have offered exercise routines that you can work out from home. If you have children, you may want  to wait for them to go to bed, but for me, it was so enjoyable to train with the kids around me, as they participated.  We had a fun workout session.  My daughter thought she was my personal trainer!

This fun aspect ensured I remained on the journey to my healthy lifestyle.   It was a positive way to encourage the kids to get involved and exercise.

As you get more focused on training, having a buddy partner can be  very useful.  I remember when  I used to train with my friend, we kept each other going and had fun.  We used to go for long walks.  My work out buddy  was instrumental to ensure  I remained on track, reminding me of my why continuously and encouraging me?

With all the atrocities across the globe, the lbsToPounds challenge is a fantastic way to lose weight and give back to charity. The thought of giving more to charity can encourage you to lose more weight. I started my own lbsToPounds challenge, except it has not lasted for 8 weeks, but continues all year round, whether I gain or lose pounds I donate the difference to charity!

I am now the buddy partner to my mom, ensuring that she has a healthier lifestyle and constantly  encourage her to do exercises suitable for her.

Remember the smallest of changes can have the biggest of impacts.

I remember once my colleague said to me, you have gone through the pain of starting something and then going through with it.  I know it can be hard to see yourself completing the journey, but when you have got half way, isn’t it better to complete the journey than to go back to where you started from.

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